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"It Ain’t Nothing But The Devil"

August 2, 2009

I was originally reluctant to join Twitter but now I’m glad I did. If I wasn’t for Twitter I wouldn’t have the following links for all you good people to check out. They’re the best Jerry, the best. Here are some of the gems I’ve discovered this past week.

First off, the Lego adventures of Allen Iverson and friends is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the world wide web in a long time. Nuff respect due to the Overflow blog.

Lego Iverson Part 1

Lego Iverson Part 2

Lego Iverson Part 3

Lego Iverson Part 4

Lego Iverson Part 5

Lego Iverson Part 6

And of course, our good friend Stephon Marbury is still hard at work entertaining us all. In this latest instalment he runs into the devil in his Benz. As we all know from experience, that’s not a fun thing to have happen to you.


Bet you didn’t know that Donyell Marshall was really Luke’s father.

So an Austrian, a Frenchman and an American are on a movie set together….

That’s it for my lazy links dump post. Currently working on a NBA All-Eccentric Team. Any suggestions speak now or forever hold your peace.


He Blew His Mind Out

July 27, 2009

Stephon Marbury is sabotaging any other story ideas that could possibly come into my head (as well as also sabotaging my attempts to go to bed at a decent time at night). Starbury is sleeping right now so I have a chance to write something quick. How do I know he is asleep? Because he is still living in front of his webcam.

This is society’s obsession with voyeuristic, reality television at its worst. If you haven’t caught any of the surreal scene that has gone down over the past few days, you’ve truly missed out. Most of it has involved a wild-eyed, shirtless Marbury rambling incoherently, getting his head shaved and dancing to music. The parts I caught of this train derailment last night involved Marbury sitting in a darkened room, blasting the same Drake song over and over and dancing while doing the #1 sign with his hand. When he did speak, he went into extensive details on how to wash a woman’s hair. Oh, and a few nights ago there were more than a few tears.

What has become obviously apparent is that this man needs help. He is in the throes of a mental breakdown of some sorts, with many speculating that it is chemically induced. I’d be called a hater by Starbury supporters for saying that, but this is based on facts, not hate. His emotions are all over the map, he is rambling about nonsense, his eyes are bugged out, and he doesn’t seem to sleep too much. All pretty much warning signs that something is amiss. The boys at SLAM were trying to convince me a few days ago that Marbury has always been like this, but that is not very believable at this point (plus NYC tends to be overly protective of their basketball products).

Regardless, someone in the Starbury inner circle need to step in and stop this tragic scene. While this is highly entertaining (in a voyeuristic way) for the viewers, it amounts to nothing more than career suicide on Marbury’s part. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed as much in a column over the weekend – NBA executives are paying attention to this and are not in the least bit impressed. The free agent point guard was going to have a hard enough time getting himself signed as it was, even before this gong show. There are a few positions in sports that being a little loony is a good thing – hockey goaltender and closing pitcher are a few that come to mind – but NBA point guard is not one of them. Especially a 32-year-old who has a history of being a disruptive force on a team, shoots too much and still thinks he’s a star.

This whole saga is tragic to say the least. Marbury is in no way a bad person – he is notably charitable and his cheap shoe line – Starbury – is a godsend for kids from low income families. Perhaps he isn’t the best teammate or husband (see: backseat of truck, banging Knicks intern) but his heart seems to be in the right place. Which makes his descent into dementia a shame. With that being said, I better run – he’s bound to wake up soon.

"They’re Trying To Put Me In A Box"

July 25, 2009

Stephon Marbury continues to outdo himself. I never would have thought I’d write about him twice within a span of a couple of days, but I can’t resist. In case you haven’t heard, he recently did a 24-hour straight show on Ustream, which was as loony and contradicting as you could have hoped. If you missed the stream (like I did), here is a great site that transcribes most of the action along with links to the actual video. Some of my personal favorite lines:

“I’m going to set up a foundation for the world. I’m gonna take the money and start building cities all over the world. I’m a comet. My man told me I’m a comet. I said “I’m a comet?”

“We don’t have Ustream doing the feeds. They’re just doing the feeds.”

It’s truly mindblowing stuff. Enjoy.

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

July 23, 2009

We all should count our blessings and be thankful for the presence of Stephon Marbury in the basketball universe. No, not because of his on-court exploits – I’ve always felt his nickname “Starbury” was pretty ironic. No, we all need to give thanks and praises for Marbury’s too numerous to count crazy, bizarre quotes. The man was at it again this week, making a rambling appearance on Ustream, whose highlights you can read here. My personal favourite from this latest monumental appearance: “Can I rap? Yeah, I can rap. But I don’t. Rap is just fast talking”.

As a tribute to the endlessly entertaining man known as Starbury, I wanted to post THE GREATEST INTERVIEW DONE BY AN ATHLETE OF ALL-TIME. If you’ve already seen the video, it is worth checking out again. Make sure you watch it in full. Reminds me of a punch-drunk boxer trying to give an interview. I especially enjoy when he talks about kissing his sister.